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Car2Infrastructure Communication

The informed driver is the second sub-project in TRAVOLUTION. Three traffic lights in Ingolstadt were equipped with communication modules, which tell the on-board computer the time of the next green. AUDI provided a S5 and an A6 allroad as test cars. With the AUDI infotainment system MMI, the driver is told the appropriate driving speed, so that he can pass the intersection without having to stop.

The results from TRAVOLUTION are the basis for several follow-up projects. The university of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Ingolstadt taxis will become new partners. The research area in Ingolstadt will be expanded, so that 20 car and 50 light signals will communicate. In addition, up-to-date traffic information will be made available in the cars in the project “TRAVOLUTION extended”.

Communication between car and traffic lights:
A display in the cockpit shows the driver the optimal driving speed. The next intersection can be crossed without stops.



AUDI AG, Ingolstadt