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TRAVOLUTION - questions & answers

What is network control?

Traffic control switches Green Waves in a traffic network, i.e. not only along the main routes. The light signals all have to be coordinated with each other and take into account the current traffic demands. Therefore the network control mathematically optimizes a “target function”. The target function sets the criteria for traffic optimization: the sum of waiting times for all motorists, the number of stops, and the overall travel time. “Optimal” means that all three criteria are minimized from the point of view of all vehicles.

When is traffic control “traffic-adaptive“?

If a control method takes into account changes in traffic demands foresighted and actively, it is called “traffic-adaptive”. Foresighted means that a forecast on the expected traffic flows is calculated on the basis of a current traffic situation.

What is Car2X Communication?

A Car2X system enables a car to communicate with its surroundings. If the car warns the driver against a sudden obstacle, this enhances driving safety. In The informed driver, Car2X improves the traffic flow, because the traffic lights tell the driver how to “surf the green wave” and how long he has to wait in front of a red light. C2C stands for car-to-car, C2I for car-to-infrastructure, C2X covers the whole topic.

Is Ingolstadt the only place with TRAVOLUTION technology?

TRAVOLUTION was a pilot project with new technologies. Traffic-adaptive network control with Genetic Algorithms was realized for the first time in Germany and maybe worldwide. Regensburg will be the next Bavarian city to implement TRAVOLUTION network control. In Hamburg, Vienna and Frankfurt am Main, network control will improve traffic flow in the future. With The informed driver, AUDI developed and tested a Car2X system under real conditions. This is an important step for making a system ready for production.

How can road traffic be “environmentally friendly” at all?

Of course, road traffic is first of all a environmental burden. Together with new motor technologies, intelligent light signal control like in TRAVOLUTION can reduce environmental pollution caused by urban traffic. We cannot abolish motorized traffic, but can control it the best way possible in order to create positive effects for our environment.

As a car driver, do I notice the new control?

At the perception of road traffic, there is a phenomenon similar to waiting in the queue at a supermarket: you feel as if you are always standing in the slowest line. This is due to the fact that negative experiences usually are perceived stronger than positive ones. Thus the effects of the new network control in Ingolstadt do not depend on individual perceptions, but are empirically proven. The positive effects are especially noticeable when time saving for all motorized road users altogether is measured.

Why are there no green waves for bicycles?

There are green waves for cyclists! In cities with a very large number of cyclists, like in German university towns, some bike routes have green waves. However, this is only possible when larger groups of cyclists drive together. Usually, cyclists are riding individually and show very different driving behavior. For individual cyclists, it is not possible to switch a green wave, especially if cyclists and cars share lanes.

Does network control also improve traffic for buses and trams?

The evaluation of TRAVOLUTION has shown that better traffic flow for cars does not affect public transport acceleration. In certain situations, acceleration is even improved by network control.