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Road traffic is a part of urban life. At the same time, climate protection and sustainability are decisive for our quality of life. So how can we reduce the negative aspects of road traffic? We want to contribute to the solution of that problem: use the existing infrastructure more efficient!

TRAVOLUTION improves the traffic flow

The Genetic Algorithms optimize the Green Waves in the whole road network. Therefore, TRAVOLUTION has reduced the waiting times at red light by 21% average. Public transportation as well benefits from the new traffic control.

TRAVOLUTION is environmentally-friendly  

Fuel consumption and air pollution do not only depend on car technology. Each day, thousands of liters of fuel are wasted in traffic jams and at red lights. Intelligent Green Waves and car2x-communication can make urban traffic more fluent. Less fuel consumption means less air pollution.

TRAVOLUTION saves money  

Traffic-adaptive network control can be realized at relatively small costs, compared to new road infrastructure. It improves read traffic significantly and leads to high economic savings.

Reduction of waiting times:

21 %

Saved fuel:

700.000 liters

Less CO2 in the air:

1.600 tons

(estimated calculation for the whole city of Ingolstadt per year)